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(for Master Students in Vehicle Paintwork) 

This course is aimed at master students who need to be up to date with their knowledge of water-based paint systems and their processing options.
The individual components, especially effect paints and the latest additives are explained in their chemical properties, different color series and their respective areas of application are presented.
With tips on adding additives, the participants optimize the flow and adhesion of urethane resin paints and produce a slower or faster drying time depending on the work step.
By using pre-colored “color-keyed” sealers, you create a coating structure that not only saves material - that is, time and money - but also supports effect colors in their longevity.
After a few basic exercises with the airbrush, application techniques with spray guns and airbrushes are implemented and consolidated. The focus here is on airbrush as a complementary tool for smart repair, but also for individual designs.
For the application of masking techniques with stencil material, masking film and masking tape, in addition to theoretical material science (carrier films, adhesives, temperature properties, etc.), processing and processing are illustrated with practical exercises.
Finally, paint finish and polish are applied to the exercise piece and experiences and tips regarding these work steps are exchanged.

Precondition: successful participation in the Advanced Workshop. 

Venue: Hamburg, vocational school G sechs
Date: 16.-20.09.2019 / 21.-25.10.2019
Venue: Berlin, Wilhelm-Ostwald-Schule
Date: every Tuesday

Dates at your vocational school on request.

Price on application

The course fee includes 1 motorcycle tank shape per participant, as well as all consumables.

You will receive further information with the registration documents.

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