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(for Trainees in Vehicle Paintwork) 

This course for trainees in the third year of training builds on the ''Basic-Workshop'' and introduces the wide range of additives for water-based paint systems. Demonstrations and own exercises illustrate the use and use of additives. The operation of the airbrush is also consolidated by repetition and expanded with demanding exercises.
In addition to mixing ratios and reaction times, the demonstrations for admixing additives mainly deal with the different effects on pigments and binders. The trainees not only get theoretical knowledge about retarders & reducers, opaque and transparent binders, urethane resin binders, etc., but also gain practical experience of the effects in numerous exercises.
Accompanying this, the airbrush is used to paint on various substrates, drying and adhesive properties are assessed and the handling of the airbrush is brought to routine through renewed practice of masking techniques and controlled paint application.
After this course, all participants are fit to handle the airbrush and to mix and process water-based paints effectively.

Precondition: successful participation in the Basic-Workshop. 

Dates at your vocational school on request.

Price on application

The course fee includes 1 motorcycle tank shape per participant, as well as all consumables.

You will receive further information with the registration documents.

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