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Airbrush Technique on Design- and Effect Paintworks
(for Trainer in Vehicle Paintwork) 

This training gives trainers a current overview of the latest water-based paint systems and their processing options using airbrush technology.
The chemical properties of individual components, such as special sealers, effect and clear lacquers, and optimizing additives are explained, and mixing ratios for application with the airbrush are illustrated using the composition of the individual components.
Different ink series and their respective areas of application are also presented to ensure efficient use of materials.
Valuable tips for adding additives ensure optimum flow and adhesion with urethane resin paints and, depending on the work step, a slower or faster drying time.
The use of "color-keyed" sealers is also explained, with which a particularly efficient coating structure is generated, which also supports effect colors in their longevity.
After the surface preparation / preparation and a few basic exercises with the airbrush, application techniques with spray guns and airbrushes are shown and applied.
For the application of masking techniques with stencil material, masking film and masking tape, in addition to an overview of materials such as carrier films and adhesives, their technical properties are countered with practical exercises in processing and processing.
The exercise piece of each participant, on which all contents of this course have been put into practice, will of course receive a lacquer finish / polish.

Date: 21.-22.03.2020 & 19.-20.09.2020

€ 149,- pp

The course fee includes 1 motorcycle tank shape per participant, as well as all consumables.

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